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A place to learn.

Director of Christian Education Steve Wood has put together devotionals from the front porch of the church office, as well as monthly Bible readings, for our church family to enjoy and study from their home.


Director of Christian Education Steve Wood kicked off a series of daily devotionals from the front porch of both his home and the church office during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has continued with adding more devotionals to the series throughout this year. You may watch and search through his devotionals on the video player or on our Vimeo channel.


Many people ask: How do I get to know Christ? How do I get to know the will of God? The answer: read the Word! God’s Word is a treasure book for all people. John Piper states, “From Genesis to Revelation, God’s words and God’s deeds reveal God himself for our knowledge and our enjoyment.”

For the month of September, we will be reading through the books of Joshua & Esther. Joshua begins with the action-packed story of Israel’s entry into the promised land and the battles they fight to subdue and destroy the wicked nations who live there. It also tells great details of how the land is divided among the tribes of Israel. Esther is widely entertaining—complete with drama, suspense, hairpin turns of fate, and even humor. It is also a compelling record of God’s providential care for the Jewish people.