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What is our vision?

In our children’s ministry, we desire to create purposeful environments that foster learning and probe curiosity in children and that motivate, equip and encourage leaders and parents to be intentional in conversations with children about the Gospel of Jesus.



Our acoustic worship service, with music led by the worship band, begins at 8:30 AM.


Faith Foundations for children, youth and adults begin at 10 AM.


Our traditional worship service, with music led by our organist and choir, begins at 11:00 AM.


WHAT: Kids Camp 2024
WHO: Kids who have completed 1st-6th grade
WHEN: July 18-22 (Thursday-Monday)
WHERE: Lake Forest Ranch Camp – Macon, MS
COST: $510 ($100 deposit; remaining balance due by May 26)
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Saturday, February 10



We encourage parents to begin worshipping with their kids as early as possible, and we are excited to come alongside anyone ready to try. We can help! To start, check out the resources below. With that though, we understand that some kids are just not ready, and that is OK! Nursery is provided for children from birth to 4 years old during both hours of worship.

And we should, in church, welcome the wiggling and the squirming, and we should hope that what is happening is that the Word of God is reaching those hearts in ways those children do not even recognize. They are speaking as children, they are thinking as children, they are reasoning as children but the Word of God can reach where we cannot go. It is one of the ordinary means of grace that our children, in church with us, will hear the Word of God, and sing the songs, sing the hymns, hear the music before they can sing it. In order that they, at the right time, might find their voice.

Al Mohler

Why do we want kids in worship?

Family integrated worship is not only Biblical but is a gift to us as one Body of Christ—young and old. Worshipping together is an opportunity for us as parents to lean into our weighty calling as the teachers and disciplers of our children, and for our children to watch and learn what it means to worship corporately and then also to participate as well.

Don't children need age-appropriate learning?

Absolutely! Our Faith Foundations hour is a focused time of age-appropriate learning for all. Corporate worship is intended to be for all, and we believe the Word of God is not limited by understanding and can speak transformative truth to all its hearers.

In addition, don’t be afraid to talk with your kids during worship to help them understand. Walk them through what you are doing when you sing, when you pray the prayer of confession, when you take Communion, and when you receive the benediction, etc.

What if my child can't sit still or be quiet?

It’s OK! It happens. Talk about expectation together and pray with your children before you come. Provide younger ones with snacks and quiet activities, encourage lower elementary children to try and follow along with worship in the children’s bulletin, and have older elementary kids actively listen for things they want to talk about later in the day. BUT if all fails, there is a cry room in the back of the narthex available for those moments. Take a break, pray, and try again.

We encourage you to check out Parenting in the Pew by Robbie Castleman, Pastor Scott’s mom. It’s a great resource with more detailed information about children in worship. Check with the church office and we may have a copy for you!




This is a resource for parents wanting to dig deeper with their kids about what worship is and our response in communion. There will be an informational meeting annual for kids finishing Kindergarten.

On Sunday, February 18 at 10 AM in room 106, we will have our Communicants Class for Kindergarten parents. Aimie will walk through the importance of communion and how you can use the communion curriculum above at home. Faith Foundations will continue for your kids while you are meeting.



Faith Foundations classrooms are all framed around Acts 2:42 and incorporate fellowship, snacks, teaching and prayer. These classes are offered for all children 3 years old to 6th grade.

NURSERY: Babies to 2 years old are invited to play in our nursery for worship and Faith Foundations.

3s-K – Room 103
1st – 3rd grade – Room 305
4th-6th grade – Room 302

Join us for a Children’s Ministry REVAMP in our Faith Foundations classes! This year, all children will be welcome to come to class and start each Sunday with fellowship and fun. Third-floor classes (1st-6th graders) are welcome to come up to their room at 9:50 AM for games, snacks and time with friends. Additionally, we will begin a new curriculum called GROW. Read more about the scope and sequence here. Preschoolers will have a similar flow to last year with additional fun elements that are sure to spark excitement for learning the Good News of Jesus!


Running on Wednesday nights from January 31 – March 20 from 6:00-7:30 PM this fall, Established is designed specifically for our 4th-6th graders. Always starting with games and food, we set the tone for an evening of fun, fellowship and exploring the Word. We aim to teach these kids more about what the Bible is, who it’s for, and how to study and share it with others. This class will help your children deepen their understanding of what their faith is and develop deeper relationships with other kids their age.