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What is a Vital Group?

Vital Groups are the small group ministry of FPCOS. Each group has 10-14 people and provide a great way to connect on a deeper level with others who are seeking to know Christ more fully.


The mission of Vital Groups is to provide an opportunity for people to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus Christ and one another by studying God’s Word, sharing our lives and devoting ourselves to prayer. Vital Groups meet in people’s homes as a reminder to all that where we are as God’s people is where the church is.

It is our hope that these groups will lead you to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.  If you are interested in joining or leading a Vital Group, you may contact the church office.

What do Vital Groups do?

Vital groups meet at least twice a month at the convenience of the group. There is a time of fellowship that usually involves a meal or snacks. A biblically-based, gospel-centered curriculum, Bible study, or book is discussed by the group. A time of sharing prayer concerns and praying is a part of each gathering as well.

When do Vital Groups meet?

We have Vital Groups that meet different days of the week. Many of our groups have begun to meet on Sunday nights as a way to conclude the Lord’s Day. However, every group’s rhythm is different.

Where do Vital Groups meet?

We encourage groups to meet in homes if possible. This is part of how our church goes beyond the four walls of our sanctuary! Many groups have someone who hosts the meetings. Some groups share hosting responsibilities. Groups may utilize the church as a place to meet if needed.

How long do Vital Groups last?

Vital Groups are designed to last between 18-24 months. After 18-24 months groups are designed to divide so that others can be invited in to form new groups. If people can no longer commit to the group or their circumstances change, groups are encouraged to find others to fill those spots.

What about childcare?

Groups find their own childcare. The church will reimburse $30 for each group to help with those costs if needed.